Thursday, May 3, 2018

SITREP - Turf Repairs!

Hello and welcome to The Greenkeeper!  Today is Thursday, May 3rd and I want to take this time and give you a situation report about the ongoing turf repair process at Carolina Golf Club.  You'll recall last time I described in detail where most of the damage occurred and laid out a replacement plan over a two-week period.  Unfortunately Mother Nature interrupted week one when we received rainfall over four consecutive days totaling over 3.5 inches, thus meaning week one was this week.  

Twenty pallets of Latitude 36 arrived first thing Tuesday morning and the team wasted little time initiating repairs.  Normally we prep (remove damaged turf, smooth grade, etc.) for new sod the day before a truck arrives, but our golf outing schedule did not permit a normal Maintenance Monday this week.  Therefore prep work had to take place simultaneously with repairs which slows the process.  
The team worked very hard and by late Tuesday afternoon we had repaired the damaged portions of collars on holes 10-13 and 16 along with some other repairs near the green and bunker complexes of holes 10 and 11.
Yesterday was a long day as the team worked hard installing the new turf on holes 1 and 2.  Portions of the collars and approaches were repaired on both holes but the bulk of the new turf was used along the right side of the first fairway.  We will begin prep work this coming Maintenance Monday to ensure sod repairs next Tuesday morning progress more efficiently.  Areas targeted for repair next week include holes 1, 9 and 18.  Any remaining sod will be utilized on the practice area.

That's all for now, time to water sod and rope it off to prevent anyone from inadvertently driving through it.  Please be cautious as areas immediately adjacent may be wetter than anticipated and as always, free relief is granted from Ground Under Repair.

See you on the course,

Matthew Wharton, CGCS, MG

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