Saturday, October 3, 2015

Course Closed... Current Condition Update!

Hello and welcome to "The Greenkeeper"!  Today is Saturday, October 3rd and I want to quickly update you on current conditions as they relate to the flooding rains received early this morning.  The decision to close the golf course was made early this morning (before sunrise) as the Charlotte Metro area received heavy rainfall associated with an upper level low pressure system bringing moisture from the Atlantic Ocean onshore.  At approximately 6:30 am the radar picture looked like this:

Shortly after 10:30 am the "firehose" of rain had shifted slightly to our southwest bringing an end to the rainfall for now, so I quickly trekked onto the course to assess the situation.  I found 2.65 inches rain in the gauges, two small trees uprooted (not in play), minor debris (sticks, leaves, and pine needles) scattered about by the cold, gusty winds, and standing water as the course slowly drains down from this event.  
2.65 Inches Rain!

Dead Tree Right of 11 Cart Path

Small Willow Right of 16 Cart Path

Scattered Sticks and Leaves
Creek Fronting 16 Green
Overall, I would say the golf course came through this event with flying colors.  The golf course will remain closed as conditions are currently unplayable, but at least for now we haven't sustained any significant damage.  Also, despite the rain having stopped water levels are elevated in the two upper ponds and all that water is flowing to our irrigation lake.  This first video is water flowing from the upper most pond under the cart path at number 18:  

This next video is water flowing from the middle pond fronting number 18 through the overflow into the irrigation pond:

As for the irrigation pond, I captured several photos on Thursday in advance of this forecasted rain event.  I will wait to post those along with new photos depicting the before and after once this rain event is over in the next day or two.  The good news is the lake has already risen approximately two to three feet and will continue to rise for quite some time.

Looks like a good day to put your feet up and cheer for your favorite football team.  Stay tuned to Twitter, the CGC App, and The Greenkeeper for more updates as this system continues to impact our region.

Stay safe and stay dry,

Matthew Wharton, CGCS

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