Wednesday, June 4, 2014

North Carolina Amateur Week - Day 3

Hello and welcome to "The Greenkeeper"!  Today is Wednesday, June 4th and Day 3 of North Carolina Amateur Week.  Today the course was closed to practice rounds only, and unlike yesterday the course was bustling with activity.  There were numerous practice rounds played today and Andy Priest, Director of Tournament and Internet Operations of the Carolinas Golf Association (CGA) was on site with his team to setup the competition course.  The CGA marked hole locations and tee placements for Rounds 1 and 2 today, along with conducting several other tournament administrative duties.  Today's weather was warmer than our previous two days as this morning's low was around 62 F and our high today reached 90 F (felt like summer).

Today was "dress rehearsal" for morning course prep.  Before the staff got started we had a special guest deliver an enthusiastic pep talk, Club President Will Barr!  I want to thank Mr. Barr for taking the time to stop by and show his and the club's appreciation to my staff for the work they perform.  It was a great start to a special day.

Club President Will Barr
Once the team was out the door greens were mowed and rolled (we also collected soil moisture readings and hand watered where appropriate), dew removed from tees and fairways, bunkers smoothed and hand raked, along with the usual changing holes, refreshing drinking water, and emptying trash.  When the staff reconvened at our turf care facility they were met by Chris Simon of Harrell's with breakfast!  

Chris Simon of Harrell's
I want to thank Chris for helping make today, and this week a special week for my staff!  The crew was dismissed until 4:00 pm (with the exception of key personnel to watch greens in the early afternoon).  I met with the Greens Committee at noon before returning to the facility to prepare for the evening mowing.

When the staff returned they were treated to a cookout before hitting the course.  I need to give several big shout outs!  My wife, Darless (a.k.a. Mrs. Greenkeeper); JR Bailey, Equipment Manager; and Vinnie Balducci, Executive Chef for their various roles in making today's cookout happen!
This afternoon we were visited by special guests Steve Smith and Brent Miller of Smith Turf and Irrigation.  They were joined by Dale Getz and Jeff Clarke of Toro.  These gentlemen stopped by to show their appreciation and support, and see their equipment in action.  Their presence on the course this afternoon really helped cap off a special day!  Thank you again for being here!

The evening course prep consisted of the following: tees walk mowed at 0.325" (6-12 direction).  Approaches, surrounds, and par 3 fairways triplexed at 0.375" (9-3 direction).  Fairways were mowed at 0.475" in a clockwise "shadow" cut.  We also mowed the driving range tee and target greens, filled divots on all tees, smoothed and raked bunkers, sprayed greens and collected firmness readings.

Straight Lines!
Tight Formation!

In The Action!

Right now the crew is excited and I sincerely hope the adrenaline lasts the remainder of the week!  Today was fun but tomorrow the curtain is lifted, the lights go on, and the show starts for real.  Rehearsals are over and tomorrow play begins for the Billy Joe Patton Trophy!

Good luck everyone!

See you on the course,

Matthew Wharton
Golf Course Superintendent

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